There are many varieties of water pipes and bongs out there and these can be crafted from a variety of materials. Glass pieces are commonly accepted as being superior to wood, ceramic, and even metal pieces, for several notable reasons which will be the feature of this article.

    Anybody who has ever had a glass pipe or bong break on them will have a strong and compelling reason to consider using a pipe or bong not made of glass. While glass doesn’t break all that easily, a big fall can cause it to shatter. Having said that the many other advantages of glass pipes and bongs will overcome the durability of it and most people find glass to be preferable to other materials for the following reasons.

    One benefit is that artists can shape glass pipes and bongs into interesting and artistic shapes that add to the beauty of the glass and can make it into any shape imaginable. Animals, cartoon characters, and even in the likeness of celebrities. Glass pieces can have color changing elements added to them to enhance their beauty as they are used and to provide regular interest to a user.

    Glass pieces are even easy to clean and a solution can remove much of the residue from smoking with a wire brush removing the remainder. A clean piece lends way to a cleaner smoke and less ash in your mouth. Glass pieces are sometimes designed to hold water which can serve as a filter as well. Water filters also make for a cleaner hit and provide health benefits by reducing the byproducts of the smoke you inhale, as well as the inadvertent poorly tasting ash.

    Finally, glass doesn’t get hot like metal pipes do, does not get burned like wooden pipes, and doesn’t crack like ceramic pieces often do. For these reasons, glass pipes and bongs are preferable to other materials.